Need help with video chat?

We're here to help! Fill out the short form at the bottom of the page, and we'll email or text you with a video appointment time for a technician to walk through a diagnosis with you. This will allow us to send you a more accurate quote for repairs before scheduling an appointment.

Accept Video Call.jpg

The technician will call and introduce themselves, and ask if you're ready for the video chat. When they initiate the video, you'll see this screen, with the technician that will be performing the video diagnosis - click the "Change to Video" button highlighted here. This will then show your side of the video.

Once the video chat has started, click the "Switch" button highlighted here to change to the rear camera, allowing you to show the technician the problem more easily.


If you'd like to switch views to see your garage as the larger picture on the screen, click on the picture in picture area highlighted here.

Request an Appointment

Thank you for your request! We will send you an appointment confirmation via email or text shortly with more details on your appointment.